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Journal of Materials Chemistry C

How to design ultraviolet emitting persistent materials for potential multifunctional applications: a living example of NaLuGeO4:Bi3+,Eu3+ phosphor

Authors: Wenxiang Wang; Zhenyu Sun; Xiaoyang He; Yudong Wei; Zehua Zou; Jiachi Zhang; Zhaofeng Wang; Zhiya Zhang; Yuhua Wang

Publication Date: -0001-11-30  Article ASAP

We exhibit a living story to design the ultraviolet (UV) emitting persistent (PersL) material dynamically as required. Understanding the luminescence mechanism of Bi3+, the occupation rules of sites, the density functional theory (DFT) calculations and an empirical energy level scheme guide us to select the most appropriate emitters, host and traps. Finally, the NaLuGeO4:Bi3+,Eu3+ phosphor is successfully designed. The experimental results indicate that the NaLuGeO4:Bi3+,Eu3+ material is indeed able to emit excellent UV PersL, which can be recorded for more than 63h. This exciting result is sufficiently encouraging for the initiation of a more thorough investigation. Accordingly, the excitation temperature-dependent and fading thermoluminescence experiments are conducted, and the traps properties are deeply studied by the initial rising method. The results reveal the PersL mechanism and the significant role of Eu3+ codopants as foreign traps. On the basis of this work, it clearly demonstrates that the UV PersL of the as-designed NaLuGeO4:Bi3+,Eu3+ material is certainly promising for some potential multifunctional applications, and the design concepts of this work are indeed effective and feasible for PersL materials design.  Read more