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Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Photoswitching storage of guest molecules in metal-organic framework for photoswitchable catalysis: exceptional product, ultrahigh photocontrol, and photomodulated size selectivity

Authors: Feng Luo; Le Le Gong; Wan-ting Rao; Zhiqiang Liu; Anmin Zheng; Jianqiang Li; Xuefeng Feng; Lufang Ma; Ming-Biao Luo; Chang Sheng Yan

Publication Date: -0001-11-30  Article ASAP

MOF materials as new emerged catalyst have been demonstrated to show high catalytic activity and size-, regio-, and stereo-selectivity. However, how to artifically controlling the catalytic process by convenient external stimulus such as light is still unexploited. Such photocontrol over organic reaction may enable switchable catalytic activities and/or selectivities, consequently producing desired products from a pool of building blocks according to the order and type of stimuli applied. In this work, we present a novel MOF catalyst, which not only offers ultrahigh photocontrol with the ON/OFF ratio as high as 407, but also displays disparate photomodulation in reaction kinetics towards various aldehyde substrates in light of their sizes, thus creating the first example in MOFs showing photoswitchable catalysis. The origin, as unveiled by photoswitching adsorption experiments and density functional theory calculations, is due to photoswitching storage of guest molecules in metal-organic framework (MOF).  Read more